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Who are we ?

International Ski Instructors Union (SIMS) is a professional union governed by the law of 1884.

SIMS is dedicated to gather all ski instructors.It federates all International Ski Schools named ESI, second in France after French Ski Schools (ESF). He was created in April 1977 under « Fédération française des enseignants du ski » (FFES) by three ski instructors, united by their ski passion (Louis Desmoulin, Jacques Simon et Pierre Cornillat) who wished to end of the monopoly of Syndicat national des moniteurs du ski français (SNMSF) and its French Ski Schools (ESF) ; creating an alternative ski instructors union in order to enforce the exercise of their profession.
SIMS comprises 70 ski schools in all French and Swiss mountains. SIMS is the Second Union in France and the First one abroad. It gathers more than 1.800 ski and snowboard instructors, all certified professionals in their specialities by l’Ecole Nationale de Ski et d'Alpinisme (ENSA) (qualified or trainees ski instructors).

SIMS's missions  : 

- Defense of the profession > SIMS aims at  defend and promote the professional, collective and individual interests of all its members.

- Professional Insurances and Assistance > Any member is insured by a professional liability for all ski teaching activities.He also enjoys a Research and Rescue Expenses Insurance and a Death Coverage.
Each member also benefits a Legal, Tax and Accounting assistance.