SKi Instructor repatriation insurance Incomparable ski instructor repatriation insurance

Sports and Leisure Card Insurance 

The international ski instructors union offers the best ski instructors repatriation insurance 

Assistance and insurance coverage - For ski instructors affiliated to the SIMS ( Syndicat des moniteurs de ski )



- General liability (except professional general liability): this insurance guarantees the insured from consequences of invoked liability due to physical, material or immaterial damage following covered physical or material damage caused to others. 

- Research expenses: if the beneficiary is reported disappeared or in case of injury, the insurer covers rescue and research expenses (including helicopter-rescue), corresponding to operations organised by civil or military rescuers or specialised public or private organisations deployed in the context of the beneficiary's disappearance or in case of physical injury. 

- Legal assistance: this insurance guarantees the insured payment of expenses necessary to defend or obtain financial compensation. 

- Refund of unused ski-pass refund of unused classes or lessons.

- Medical transport: in case of accident, the insurer, after checking with its medical team, organises and covers transport of the injured or the sick to the nearest best equipped or most specialised hospital.

Territorial scope: worldwide coverage for temporary stays. 

Applicational scope: accidents linked to amateur sports activities as well as accidents occurred to SIMS instructors in the framework of their professional activity regarding ski teaching only. 



   Coverage -------------------------------------------    Amount

  • General liability 

          PHysical Damages   ---------------------------- 5 000 000 €

          Material Damages    ----------------------------    305 000 €

  • Assitance 

      Research and rescue expenses  -------------------  30 000 €

       Repatriation  ------------------------------------------ Actual expenditures 

      Legal Assitance  ----------------------------------------      1500 €

      Refund of unused ski-pass and sports 

      lessons  ---------------------------------------------------        600 €