Ski instructor insurance - ESI ski school Incomparable professional liability Contract

The international ski instructors union offers the best ski instructors international insurance  


  • For what activities are you insured ?

    All gliding sports activites on snow or grass - exclusive of extreme skiing (1) – as well as associated activities. 

    (1)    Extreme skiing: off-pist skiing on slopes of or steeper than 50° and/or which requires mounteneering equipment, such as spikes,ice picks and ropes.

  • What does your contract cover ?

    A. YOUR LIABILITY CONTRACT: you are held liable for an accident which has happened during covered activities: the insurance covers damage caused to others, including to your clients. 



      1. Appeal: you have suffered damage during one of the covered activities: the insurance guarantees the coverage of all expenses necessary to obtain compensation from the liable party. 
      2. Criminal defence: following an accident subjecting you to penal liability and which occurred during a covered activity, the insurance guarantees the coverage of all expenses necessary linked to your court advocacy, and the insurance company provides advocacy itself.


    C. YOUR RESEARCH AND RESCUE EXPENSES: You have had or have been victim of an accident which occurred during one of the covered activities and which has put your life in danger: the insurance guarantees the coverage of all expenses necessary for researching and rescuing you.


    D. DEATH COVERAGE: in case of death, which occurred during one of the covered activities, the insurance pays a lump-sum to your beneficiaries (to your surviving spouse, failing that, to the children and born or to-be-born descendants, failing that, to privileged descendants split in equal parts or to the survived, failing that, to insured heirs or heiresses).

  • Coverage of the general liability contract

    A - General liability              

    Physical injury and immaterial consequential damages > 8 000 000 €

    Material damage and  immaterial consequential damages > 1 525 000 €

    B - Legal appeal and defence insurance > 30 500 €

    C - Rescue expenses insurance >  3500 €

    D - Death Coverage for Instructors >  6100 €

    This table is a listing of terms and have no contract value. The entire contract is available for consultation at the SIMS.